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While Connecticut has made progress, Ashley knows there's more to be done to make life more affordable and to protect our older loved ones from fraud and abuse. Senior citizens deserve a state representative who will be in their corner.


For years, Ashley has given her time to veterans' organizations as a volunteer. As a state representative, she'll expand benefits, and fully fund the programs that help our heroes get the support they deserve.


Even after a global pandemic, healthcare costs remain too high. Ashley is committed to reducing expenses and improving access by creating a public option, and ensuring no one ever has to choose between staying healthy and paying their bills.


While Connecticut's economy continues to improve, many families are still struggling to make ends meet. Ashley will invest in our most vulnerable communities by cutting taxes for our working- and middle-class families.

Cutting Taxes

Across the country, reproductive rights are under attack. If we want to protect women's access to healthcare, we have to act. As your next representative, Ashley will fight to protect a woman's right to choose and keep abortion legal, accessible, and safe.

Reproductive Rights


The issues issues in this election couldn't be more important. Here's what Ashley will fight for when she arrives in Hartford!

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